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Do you want to take your startup to the next level? Increase your online sales? Learn how to raise capital? Develop products quickly and economically? Learn from the experiences of experienced entrepreneurs? New trends in the market?

invertir en startups

Investing in startups

Investing in startups  Investing in startups is now a widespread trend. More and more people are encouraged to bet on this type of investment due to the facilities it offers. Nothing to do with the investments we are used to with shares or bonds.  That is the reason why we are going to explain some of the reasons to invest in startups.   First of all, what is a startup? You may not yet be familiar with the term. A startup is a newly created company that presents a great possibility of growth, thanks to an innovative component to the product it develops or the service it provides. It is true that startups started out as technology-related companies but, nowadays, we find them of all kinds.    Reasons to invest in startups  Very profitable  One of the advantages of investing in startups is that it can be very profitable. It is true that, in principle, startups are companies that are just beginning to rise and climb positions, so it is likely that, at first, they will not make a profit. However, when you invest in a startup, you are looking to the future.  The profitability of this type of business is noticeable over the years and is usually higher than that of traditional investments, as long as the business is doing well.  Much more than money   When you invest in a traditional media it is said that it is simply money. With startups it is not the same. When you invest in a startup you have at your disposal all the information of the project, you can even request the objective valuation report to see all the pros and cons of the project.  You will also be able to talk to the founders of the project and get answers to all those questions that are on your mind. That’s why we say that investing in startups is much more than money. It is collaborating in a great project for the future together with brilliant minds that are capable of creating an idea and making it profitable.  Diversification of our portfolio  You have to keep in mind that diversification is the best way to reduce investment risk, so anything that helps diversify the portfolio is welcome, isn’t it?    Connectio with young treasures of entrepreneurship  One of the main reasons why it is worth investing in a startup is for the simple fact of connecting with promising young entrepreneurs. Creating a profitable project is not easy nowadays, but young entrepreneurs manage to do it. What’s better than being with them and betting on their ideas?  Furthermore, think that these young and bright minds are the future of the country, so being connected with them will give you first-hand knowledge of innovation and the people responsible for it.  So, after having seen some of the main reasons to invest in startups, do you feel like betting of future? 

What is happening with Spanish Startups?

“Spanish startups do not convince the corporate” Or at least that is the idea that appears with increasing force in despite of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that we have in Spain, with many entrepreneurs increasingly professionalized…


How should a startup be financed?

The startups should be financed in an environment of high liquidity, with an entrepreneurial ecosystem with a high number of projects and many potential investors.

reunion de trabajo

Do startups want to get out of the “garage”?

Does the startup team share the same vision or does it just follow the CEO’s direction? What should a CEO expect from their team? Work? Skills? Capabilities? Commitment? A combination of everything? Of course they should.

Tips for investing in Startups (chapter 8)

As you already know, at Fellow Funders we would like to make startups closer to individual investors from a professional point of view and with the quality standards used by professional investors.  Tips for investing in Startups   This week we would like to share with you our post “tips for investing in startups”. We would like to show you the main points to follow:   Understand the need and the demand: when facing a new business, you should know which need will be met in customers.  Know the risks that may affect your investment: set up the different scenarios in which the investment could be and analyze if it is your comfort zone or it means a risk.  Check the accounts of the company are clear and consistent.  Know how to recover your investment  Diversify your investments  Do not buy at any price  Make the Partner Deal clear  Make a business model easy to understand  Human team in accordance with the business model  Verify the competence’s influence


Are we properly assesing Startups?

At Fellow Funders, we have been stressing the idea that the time for the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem has come to start making investors and project promoters aware that #NOTEVERYTHINGISOK. We must start discriminating by always applying professional instruments without any discretionary power at any time. Today we want to ask you if we are adequately valuing Startups.  …

Are we properly assesing Startups? Read More »

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