Simply Solar or how to address three SDGs in one go

Simply Solar or how to address three SDGs in one go

If any acronym represents the first decades of the 21st century, it is undoubtedly Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs comprise 17 goals that stand as a “universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and improve people’s lives and prospects.” United Nations Member States ratified these goals in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Simply Solar, simply smart

Simply Solar’s photovoltaic parking lots not only protect vehicles from sun, rain and other meteorological adversities but also transform passive structures (such as these parking lot roofs) into active elements that generate clean and sustainable energy.

Up to half of a company's value may depend on its ESG practices

Up to half of a company’s value may depend on its ESG practices

We are here to focus on how ESG practices affect the value of a company. According to an FTI Consulting report, three out of ten institutional investors believe that the implementation of good ESG practices justifies an increase in a company’s valuation of 50% or more.

European Mobility Week

European Mobility Week: an electric and sustainable future

Fellow Funders understands the extreme importance of a green change in the economy and the mobility sector, and we are not the only ones believing in it. Without going any further, the Spanish Government announced in April that they would allocate 13.2 billion euros from the European “Next Generation EU” funds to boost sustainable and connected mobility over the next three years.

ESG investment. from transient trend to mainstream reality

ESG investment: from transient trend to mainstream reality

Socially responsible investment, or ESG, has reached a record in the current crisis and the awareness of the impact of the economy on climate change has definitely taken hold, despite the fact that before 2020 it was thought to be a temporary trend.

Corporate Social Responsibility. a current essential

Corporate Social Responsibility: a current essential

“Take care of yourself while caring for others,” proclaims the famous slogan. These words hold greater importance today than ever before. Consumers are aware of the social and environmental consequences of their consumption. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) comprises a series of internal and external measures that companies embrace on a social, economic and environmental level. …

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World Earth Day: Another Curve to Flatten

The infection curve is not the only one that needs to be flattened. Planet Earth has been in convalescence under the passive gaze of humankind for decades and decades.

The electric car is here to stay!

The first electric car emerged in the 19th century. The Ford Model T appeared in 1912. As it was mass-produced, it gained ground, and people left the electric vehicle behind. It wasn’t until 2006, thanks to the startup Tesla Motors, that electric cars received renewed attention.

Biden’s victory opens the gates to ESG investing 

The US elections have kept Americans and the world in suspense as, after all, the United States represents the world’s largest economy. Therefore, the difference between a Donald Trump’s second term or Joe Biden winning the White House was evident.

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