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Spain considers dispersed rental investment in single-family homes

This year, we have discussed a lot about the build-to-rent (BTR) boom. Nowadays, more people are renting than buying, and investors have focused on this new formula. The large funds have focused on the search for assets for rental housing in blocks. However, a new trend that will not take long to arrive in Spain has already begun to move to other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom: investing in BTR in scattered single-family homes.

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Cervezas Althaia inaugurates its new factory: triples production to meet demand

Cervezas Althaia celebrates its premiere. The Altea-based company has reopened its factory after relocating it to a new location with expanded facilities that will allow production to be tripled. According to the company’s co-founder, Mayte Pardo, production will increase from 6,000 liters per month to 14,000 liters, enabling them to meet the current demand.

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The best hands to support your project

Entrepreneurs or companies seeking growth can benefit from the new grants that Enisa has made available for 2021, amounting to a total of 98.5 million euros. A viable and innovative business project and a solvent management team will be the only guarantee you will need to secure from 25,000 to 1,500,000 euros.

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How to multiply the price of ‘uncommercial’ apartments: the ‘house flipping’ strategy

House flipping is doing what seemed impossible. It is creating new homes in the hottest areas of cities such as Madrid or Barcelona and recycling apartments that, given their condition or circumstances, had been commercially evicted. House flipping is creating apartments with attractive designs that promise returns of between 15% and 20% to investors, besides profitable sales to homeowners.

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From tree to table: Olimaker launches mini machine to make oil in 30 minutes

Spain is the world’s leading producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), with approximately two million tons per year. In terms of autonomous communities, Andalusia is at the forefront, with a production of around 85% of Spanish olive oil. More precisely, in one of the Andalusian provinces, Granada, the Olimaker company has created a project that allows the production of quality olive oil.

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Andoni Ferreño premieres Boeing, Boeing, “It is the first time that an investment fund finances a play.”

The veteran actor and producer, Andoni Ferreño, visits the OKTV set on OKDIARIO to talk about his imminent theatrical premiere: Boeing, Boeing. A play produced by Cabaret 42, a company co-funded by the investment fund Fellow Funders. These funders have raised 120,000 euros from their investors to finance this cultural project, coining a novel formula of cultural ‘patronage’ with profitability for producers, actors, and investors.

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Fellow Funders and 2gether team up to offer alternative investment and financing solutions

Fintech companies Fellow Funders and 2gether have reached an agreement to offer innovative alternative investment and financing solutions for new regulatory frameworks aimed at creating high-value-added products and services. Both companies have explained in a statement that the aim is to stimulate the transition of their clients towards new economic models, as well as to launch joint innovative and high-value-added solutions in the market.

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Jorge Sanz, an essential member of Andoni Ferreño’s business venture

Following the catastrophe caused by the crisis, many celebrities opted for the unknown, transforming the crisis into an opportunity to open various businesses to expand their possibilities. For example, Belén Esteban, with her line of gazpachos, and Andoni Ferreño (56), who announced this summer that he will launch a production company dedicated to cinema and …

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