What happened with…

cerveza mica

What happened with Cerveza MICA?

“To provide the world’s best premium craft beer to consumers.” This is Cerveza Mica’s goal, presented to investors in its very successful funding round with Fellow Funders . The initial target of €260,000 was largely exceeded in this financing round. The amount raised reached the legal maximum of 125%, making a total of €324,500.

que paso con la mas mona

What happened to La Más Mona?

La Más Mona, a leading groundbreaking Spanish women’s fashion rental company has recently closed a round of financing through Fellow Funders. Many of the company’s clients and our investors have participated in this round. Oscar Ocaña has placed all his trust in this project as lead investor. The confidence in this new way of consuming fashion has helped La Más Mona to raise an amount …

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what happened with 1785

What happened with 1785?

We started this new year with the presence of 1785, a reference brand and project of Spanish products. Its goal is to remark all the good aspects of our society and to transmit a positive, fresh, and renovated image of our country.

que paso con coolturebox

What happened with Coolturebox?

CooltureBox was the winner of Actualidad Económica’s Best Ideas of the Year Awards in the travel and leisure category, sponsored by Endesa and CaixaBank.

equipo aiudo

What happened with Aiudo?

Aiudo is a fascinating poject that closed a financing round thourgh fellow funder six months ago. Thanks to this round, Aiudo raised 104% of its target due to the support of 53 investors.

que paso con alboris mancha

What happened with Alboris Mancha

This week in “what happened with…”, we would like to talk about Alboris Mancha, an agricultural company focused on the ecological growing production of olive oil, vegetables, almond and grape.

bebidas natur drinks

What happened to Natur Drinks?

Boyacá is a national leader in the distribution of publications, press, magazines, etc. With more than 20,000 kiosks and stores to which it also offers stationery, toys, food and, of course, beverages.

what happened with el bernabeu

What happened with El Bernabéu?

El Bernabéu is an independent media focused on the current events in both soccer and basketball teams. This media has a high editorial load and quality news 24/7.

que paso con 33 el musical

What happened with 33 El Musical?

For those who have not heard about it yet, 33 El Musical, one of the revealing shows in our country the last season, was successfully financed through Fellow Funders last year. In the first round, hey got to achieve more than €180,000. This could be possible thanks to the 55 investors support, who placed their trust in this amazing artistic project.

cochecitos rocking baby

What happened to: Rocking Baby

They have a strong presence in social networks, as well as agreements with several brands. For example, they have signed an agreement with Neck & Neck to display their two models of strollers in this recognized brand’s stores.

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