Investment sources at each stage of a startup

Startups have a defined life cycle that determines their growth as a company. Their needs are usually defined by the stage they are in, their goals, and specific characteristics.

Why invest in real estate projects?

Spain has traditionally invested in real estate, a driving sector of our economy. In the past, these investments were aimed at high-net-worth individuals, professionals, or qualified investors and were not accessible to small investors.

venture capital investor

Have Venture Capital valuations reached their peak? How does it affect me as an investor?

In the previous article, “Have Venture Capital valuations peaked?”, we discussed how valuations of different assets have been behaving and specifically analyzed the 10-year uptrend in early-stage startups. We wondered what we could expect in 2023, concluding that “2023 will maintain or slightly decrease the valuations of this asset class”.

The crowdfunding revolution

Crowdfunding, born as patronage, is a true revolution that is here to stay. This form of financing has changed the world of entrepreneurship. What’s more, it has made investment easier and more accessible thanks to technological advances and the democratization of the Internet.

Risk control, the key to real estate transactions

Although many people believe we are living in a challenging time for the real estate sector, the truth is that we are facing a crisis of confidence, which is very different.

Ship2BFoundation presents the 3rd edition of Scale4Impact

Do you have a project aimed at social inclusion via employment and education? Do you need support to make it grow? Ship2BFoundation presents the 3rd edition of Scale4Impact, an acceleration and funding program for social innovation projects driven by companies, startups, and social entities.

Open Call for the 7th edition of the B-Value Program

The B-Value program is promoted by Ship2B Foundation and Fundación Banco Sabadell, defining itself as the third-sector accelerator. Its core purpose is to boost the transformation of the social sector through innovation.

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