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Equity Crowdfunding

There are four types of crowdfunding Lunch with a group of friends around 50 years old. During the after-dinner conversation, we talk about our professional situation, and suddenly one of us says: “I’ve changed jobs. Now I am a partner in an Equity Crowdfunding platform”. Following the obligatory congratulations, one of us suddenly asks, “But …

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Fellow Funders boosts investment in the first two startups…

The beginnings of Fellow Funders The crowdfunding platform is “a way out of the bank dependence of our country.”. The crowdfunding platform Fellow Funders is boosting investment in the first two startups involved in its project. One of them, Worktel, is the first platform that allows booking workspaces and meeting rooms for hours from any …

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Fintech: the financial world is on the move

A new financial ecosystem is emerging in the world where traditional financial institutions, fintech companies and new players from other economic sectors must coexist.

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Are we entrepreneurs in Spain?

Business initiatives driven by business opportunities, which in many cases are the result of the need to improve the employment situation, are where the most serious situation that is recorded.

The sharing economy growth and alternative financing

Sharing economy refers to business models based on online collaborative platforms where an open marketplace is created for the use/exchange of services or products. It is generally between individuals (P2P, Peer to Peer).

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