I’m seeking funding for my project

“I have a great idea, my project is unique, inimitable, superb, etc. I am certain that it will be profitable for any investor wanting to invest money in my project...”
“The time has come to expand the family business, we have the necessary experience and customers, we just need the money to make the investments...”

f you can identify with one of these sentences, you must have asked yourself: Where do I find funding for my project without excessive interest and annual charges?

Where do we go once the bank loan option has been ruled out because they asked for a very high interest rate, or a guarantee with our assets (or those of our parents) and to have an asset value twice the amount of money requested?

Your project or idea continues to be valid and this should not be the end but the first step on your search for crowdfunding.

The “FFF”


First you go to your family members and try out your project with them to see if they like it and will support you financially.


Doing the same but with friends, accessing different profiles and roles; surely they will give you a greater vision and a perspective that is new and different from your initial ideas.


Afterwards you should go to the “fools”, i.e., professional investors who are not friends or family but would be willing to support your projects.


There is another “F”, Founders; the company’s founders have to put their money where their mouth is in the first place. If you don’t do it, nobody will.

The “FFF” will help you check if your project makes sense to others. Many entrepreneurs skip this step and it is a serious error. You may not get any money from the people closest to you as they may not have it, but perhaps they can offer you help, give you new ideas or new contacts to whom you can tell your idea.
“From my three F's I got support, collaboration and contacts, but very little money. I have to continue the search to fund my project...”
Do not despair. It may not seem like it but we’re on a good path. Now we should look towards places not normally known to us and difficult to access. These may be business angels, venture capital funds, seed capital or alternative investment funds, incubators, etc. Let's be honest, without having set up the company, starting to invoice and at least having the first customers, it will be very difficult to succeed here, not for want of trying but because these professional investors receive hundreds of projects every day and making your project stand out will be difficult unless you have equipment, turnover and customers.
"I'm about to throw in the towel, my strength is being sapped and I don't know where to look any more, but I refuse to stop looking for funding for my project...”

At Fellow Funders we offer a less well-known route to financing but one that is leading to very good results for entrepreneurs who manage to finance their projects through this new alternative financing system: Equity Crowdfunding. he heart of crowdfunding is contributions from multiple individuals to support an idea or a project through online platforms and, with it being the "equity" type, this allows these individuals to become partners in the company with the hope of obtaining a financial gain in the future.

For the Entrepreneur, Equity Crowdfunding is a real and complementary financing alternative for entrepreneurs seeking investment for their projects.

For the Investor, it is a different form of investment to traditional methods, making it easier for any company or individual to invest in start-ups and SMEs.

The almost exclusive reliance by SMEs and entrepreneurs on bank financing is already a thing of the past; we contribute to the growth of the SME fabric and to the economic growth of our country.