Fellow Funders’ Standard Crowd Investment

All businesses can be a great success or a failure, but not all start from the same point. Fellow Funders ensures that our investments always meet minimum standards, which our experience has shown us are a necessary condition, but not sufficient for success. The market is sovereign, and the right moment can be sensed, but you never know for sure. That is investing.

More than ten years’ experience in the capital markets has allowed us to create an investment standard for investors that helps ensure proper and smooth operations. The key characteristics of our standard are: Trust, Transparency, Security and Monitoring.


Trust comes from our quality dealflow together with our own scoring and valuation models that we have designed for the Spanish market after many years managing bank capital.


Transparency is vital today and even more so in the world of investing. Therefore, we put a special way of doing things into practice. So that nobody has any doubts over the entire investment process, we encourage all relevant aspects of the project or investment to be discussed openly.


Security is something that concerns everybody. We can take risks more or less depending on our investment profile, but what Fellow Funders protects is good practice and diligence as a key pillar of any investment.


And, how could it be otherwise, Fellow Funders wants to accompany you throughout the investment process. Not only can you follow and track your investments on the platform, but this will be the channel through which companies you have invested in communicate their results, dividends or also make inquiries.

We also provide a small Academy in which you can learn about all the processes very simply. Remember, you always have your personal manager available by phone on 91 026 08 48 or via the investors inbox inversores inversores@fellowfunders.es.