Faqs. General questions

What is crowdfunding?
It is an alternative method of financing/investment, which is being implemented worldwide due to its simplicity and agility, to bring the necessary financing to develop projects/ideas of all kinds to all corners of the globe. This is done through online platforms which further simplifies the process. There are four types: Donation, Reward, Loan (also known as Crowdlending) and Investment (also called Equity Crowdfunding).
Is Crowdfunding regulated in Spain?
Yes, Crowdfunding is regulated by REGULATION (EU) 2020/1503 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of October 7, 2020, on European providers of crowdfunding services for companies and which amends Law 5/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing of April 27, 2015. This regulation establishes regulations for all crowdfunding platforms whose object includes an element of investment or financing, i.e., it regulates the activity of lending (Crowdlending) and investment (Equity Crowdfunding). Fellow Funders is included in this regulation.
All Equity Crowdfunding and Crowdlending platforms must be authorized by the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores).
You can check the law at the following link:
What is Equity Crowdfunding?
Equity Crowdfunding, Crowdequity, or Crowdfunding Investment, is an alternative means of investment that allows all investors, both natural and legal persons, to transparently invest in companies with growth potential through a technological platform. The investment is made by acquiring shares or shareholdings in the chosen company, thus participating in the future profits of the invested company (both for profit sharing and for acquisition by another company).
How does Equity Crowdfunding work?
Companies with high growth potential in search of financing are published on the online platform, indicating:
1. The investment requested (need for financing)
2. The shareholding offered (% of the company that will be offered to investors in exchange for their monetary contribution).
When an investor is interested in the project, once the documentation is studied, they make the investment and contribute so the company approaches its objective.
Fellow Funders goes one step further: not only do we provide Spanish start-ups and PYMES with a 21st-century financing tool that gives investors the possibility of obtaining returns based on the risks assumed in case of success, but also, we do so under standards of security, credibility and transparency typical of capital markets. If you would like to learn more, have a look at the whole process.
What is Fellow Funders?
Fellow Funders is a Spanish Equity Crowdfunding or Investment Crowdfunding platform born from a group of professionals in the international capital market with more than a century of experience.
Fellow Funders has two fundamental goals. The first is to provide start-ups and Spanish SMEs with an alternative source of financing to bank financing (normally expensive and with the need for guarantees). And the second is to offer investors companies in which they can invest at different stages, obtaining, where successful, real returns in accordance with the risks assumed, in addition to actively participating in creating a sustainable industrial fabric in Spain.
Who are Fellow Funders?
FellowFellow Funders is formed by a group of professionals from the financial world and capital markets with more than one hundred years’ experience managing large corporations and investment managers.
Supporting the founding partners in their journey is a team of advisors formed from successful entrepreneurs and multidisciplinary professionals with in-depth know-how and experience in different sectors.
How does Fellow Funders work?
The process we’ve designed, besides being simple, provides sufficient levels of trust so that investors only focus on the companies in which they want to invest.
  • Phase 1. We Receive Proposals
  • Phase 2. We Study and Assess Viability (Following Scoring phase >65)
  • Phase 3. We Study and Assess the Proposal. (Principal of Fairness)
  • Phase 4. Campaign Launch
  • Phase 5. Smart Investment
  • Phase 6. Formalisation of Investment
  • Phase 7. Tracking Investments
If you would like to know more, you can see the processes at this link.
What can Fellow Funders offer me?
There are many things that Fellow Funders provides, not only in economic terms, but also socially, and we continue to work every day to grow with you, to bring you tools that make your financing and investment easier and simpler.
  • Source of alternative financing/investment.
  • Help with diversifying financing sources, as requested by the ECB and the European Commission.
  • Help to reduce companies’ levels of indebtedness.
  • Develop a business fabric in Spain.
  • A team of analysts with extensive experience and “know-how” in key sectors.
  • Valuation models and high quality risk analysis (own valuation system based on the models applied by banks and venture capital companies).
  • Scoring simplified to understand the risks very simply.
  • Investment Room with all the information and total transparency.
  • We only publish proposals that meet minimum requirements for your investment: if it’s not good for us, it’s not good for you.
  • We offer investors all kinds of projects in any sector without leaving home.
  • Access to Objective Assessment Reports for each project.
  • The possibility of speaking live with the promoter and with other investors.
  • Detailed tracking of the investment, with all updates and news in your private area.
How do I register on Fellow Funders?
You can register with Fellow Funders by clicking on "Register" (the link is in the top right-hand corner of this page). It is free and without obligation.
After entry into force of the Law on the Promotion of Business Financing, which regulates Crowdfunding, every user must state their investor profile: accredited or not accredited. If you want more information, have a look at the Investors section.
Does Fellow Funders invest in projects it publishes?
Yes. Fellow Funders PSFP S.A.U. can invest in the published projects and will do so in the Project file. It will only do so when the financing objective has not been reached within the planned term: Fellow Funders’ investors will always have priority when investing. If any of the employees, directors, or the company itself invest in any project, it will be declared in the project itself and the investment will have the same conditions as the other investors.
The reasons why we do so are very simple: investors always have priority and, if it’s not good for us or our team, it’s not good for our investors.
What is the role of Fellow Funders?
Fellow Funders is an online platform that facilitates the implementation of operations: on the one hand, it offers alternative financing to companies or entrepreneurs and, on the other, it offers investors a series of carefully selected investments to choose where to invest.
Fellow Funders aims to offer projects with an economic-social aspect and we offer our investors those that best meet their selection criteria.
When deciding to invest in some of the projects on our platform, we can mediate to solve any questions and ensure that everything is done correctly between both parties.
I am a shareholder, now what?
You can track your investment and its progress from your Fellow Funders private area. From the platform, you can see: call of shareholders’ meetings, presentation of results and annual accounts, forecasts, announcements, etc. for a minimum of 12 months following the capital increase.
Depending on what is agreed in the Partnership Agreement you will receive dividends if the company makes a profit, and will participate in the management.
In many companies, in addition to being part of the shareholding, you will have access to special offers, discounts on products/services and other types of rewards.
Remember that to obtain stable returns in the medium term, it is advisable to create a diversified portfolio. This will reduce the risks and make your returns less uncertain.
What is the Fellow Funders Entrepreneurship Network?
Fellow Funders is much more than just a financing platform. We provide all companies financed through the platform with an entrepreneurship network in which the products and services developed by the companies financed here are shared and offered. If you are an investor, and at some point you decide moan entrepreneurship network to into entrepreneurship, all the companies in which you have invested will know that you are embarking on a new path and, based on our own experience, you may have new investors sooner than you think.
We seek leverage on the basis of a very simple principle: together we are stronger.
Ten reasons to trust FELLOW FUNDERS
If you are an Investor, these are the main reasons:
  • The power of the network is no longer just to communicate, shop, find work, shop, etc., you can also now invest.
  • Platform Authorised by the CNMV.
  • Invest in projects that have passed comprehensive risk filters set by the best professionals.
  • Access projects with potential at any of the phases.
  • Choose the sectors in which you want to invest.
  • Learn of all the risks of the companies in which you invest.
  • Build a diversified investment portfolio.
  • Your data will always be protected with stringent security standards.
  • Actively contribute to building a sustainable SME fabric in Spain.
  • Track your investments from home, or wherever.
If you are an Entrepreneur, these are your reasons:
  • You won't increase your levels of debt, you'll reduce them.
  • You will diversify your sources of financing, benefitting from alternative investment.
  • You will reduce your reliance on bank lending.
  • You will reduce your financial costs.
  • Improve your ratios, increase your profits.
  • The power of the online Community.
  • Keep control of your business.
  • Team of professionals with decades of experience in the capitals markets.
  • Reliable and secure platform.
  • Full transparency in all stages of the process.
For even the slightest doubt you have, we are here to help you.
Don’t let your doubts linger, ask anything you need, both about the platform and about the investments you have in mind. Fellow Funders is here to help you info@fellowfunders.es
Press contact
Everyone is important to the Fellow Funders team, and everyone has their space. If you work for a media outlet and have any questions or need us to provide you with any information, please feel free to contact us PR@fellowfunders.es