A process based on 10 pillars that assign a score to the project. Fellow Funders only publishes projects that score over 65 points (out of 100). The 10 pillars are: 1. Investible: The project has to be susceptible to investment, it is not “anything goes”. 2. Team: a balanced team committed to the project, with the appropriate abilities to manage it. 3. Reputable: the entrepreneurial team must be above any suspicion or evidence of fraud and must have always acted honourably in their professional conduct or it is discarded immediately. 4. Market: the growth data is consistent with the potential market aimed at and that the project is being implemented at the right time. 5. USP (Unique Selling Point): what differentiates them from the rest, or what is on the market. 6. Competition: who says there is no market without competition? The important thing is to know the competition well, and that is not dominant. 7. Business model, scalable, profitable, with limited financing needs. 8. Traction: validated model, with metrics, growth vectors oriented to financial variables. 9. Projections: how can expenses and revenues progress and why. 10. Exit: every investor wants to know what the divestment process will look like. The projects have a standard partners agreement.