The investment process

This document regulates the procedure (hereinafter "the Investment Process") whereby investors (hereinafter "the Investors" or "the Investor") make their respective investment (hereinafter "the Investment") in an investment project (hereinafter “the Project”) of a promoter of a company (hereinafter “the Promoter”) through the website (hereinafter “the Platform”) of Fellow Funders PSFP, S.A.U. (hereinafter "Fellow Funders").

Investor Registration.

Any Investor who wishes to study and, where appropriate, invest in a Project must first register on the Platform. When the registration has been completed, the Investor may begin the study and, where appropriate, make the Investment.

Publication of the Project and making the Information available.

Fellow Funders will publish Projects that have passed their financial, economic and legal filters on the Platform, but this is not to be interpreted as advice or a guarantee by Fellow Funders on the Investment.

The following information for each Project will be published for registered Investors:

  • Purpose of the financing
  • Minimum outlay.
  • Characteristics of the Capital Increase.
  • Final Statutes of the Promoter in case of financing objectives.
  • Partnership Agreement and Investment Agreement.
  • Guarantees granted by the Promoter and, where appropriate, the leading partners.
  • Financial documents whose existence and content will depend on each project (“Financial Snapshot”, executive summary, “Bussiness Plan”..etc.)

Decision to undertake the Investment and outlay

Before deciding to undertake each Investment, the Investor must ensure they know the risks of it.

The Investments through the Fellow Funders Platform are executed through the Investor's subscription of company shareholdings (where the Promoter is a Limited Company) or shares (where the Promoter is a Public Company) created through a capital increase greement adopted by the Promoter’s General Meeting (hereinafter “the capital increase”)

The Investor who decides to undertake the Investment will make the outlay corresponding to the nominal value plus the issuance premium established in the capital increase of the company shareholding, or shares if applicable, that they decide to subscribe to at the time they make the decision to invest.

An important factor to be borne in mind by the Investor is that the Promoter will not have access to Investors’ money, which will remain held and secured in the Bank, until the capital increase is duly executed so that if, for any reason, the capital increase does not go ahead, Investors will have their Investment returned to them at no cost.

Right of withdrawal.

The Investors will have a right of withdrawal on their Investment for 4 days from the time they subscribe to the shareholding or, where appropriate, shares, and always that it takes place before the round closing and legalization of the investment round.

This right must be exercised by writing to

After said period has elapsed, the subscription will be valid and effective.

The Project Promoter will have the right to reject an investment from an investor, without having to justify his decision, in which case the amount invested will be returned to the Investor.

End of the subscription period.

Once the open term for the subscription of the shares has ended, the Investors shall be informed whether the minimum amount established in the Key Investment Information Sheet has been reached.

If it has, the capital increase will be executed.

If not, the capital increase will not take place and the money paid by the Investors will be returned to them at no cost.

Execution of the Capital Increase.

The capital increase, will be executed by the Promoter if the financing objective set in the Project or the minimum amount set in the Key Investment Information Sheet is reached, by means of the appropriate capital increase deed granted by a notary, which will be registered in the Companies Registry corresponding to the Promoter’s registered office.

Delivery of securities certificate

Once the capital increase has been entered into the Companies Registry corresponding to the Promoter’s registered office, the Promoter's governing body will issue each Investor with a certificate of ownership over the company shareholding or, where appropriate, shares subscribed to by the Investor.

Tracking the Investment.

The Investor, as a partner of the Promoter, will have all the rights afforded to them under Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010, of 2 July which approves the consolidated text of the Capital Companies Act and those granted by the signed Partnership Agreement and Investment Agreement.

This entitles you to go to and vote in the Promoter’s partner or shareholder meetings, which will allow telematic attendance.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Fellow Funders will provide Investors with continuous information about their Investment for at least the first 12 months.

Fellow Funders will also enable communication channels between Promoters and Investors, enabling a fluid and beneficial relationship between all.

If you have any doubts about the investment process, you can contact