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What is Abelross? 

Abelross International Business (AIB) offers 360 treatments to prevent hair loss that span the entire value chain. Thanks to a variety of products, cosmetic services, and medical services, the company provides natural results to prevent and combat alopecia. Moreover, the company runs specialized courses that promote the growth of the hair cosmetics market

Target Problem 

Alopecia, or hair loss, is a prevalent condition in Europe, so a wide variety of treatments are offered through products and services. 

The hair cosmetics sector is highly regionalized and opaque for the customer. The lack of professionalized management is also characteristic of this sector. Moreover, the financial culture of the companies within the industry is non-existent. Companies within the industry have focused on offering a single product at their centers. 


AIB provides from the manufacture of products for the care and maintenance of different hair systems to placement services, hairdressing, and training of professionals. In addition, AIB also covers the medical line, with proven professionals to provide a comprehensive service tailored to each customer

The procedures performed by the company cover all types of cases and stages of hair loss and provide natural and undetectable results, distinguished by being reversible and non-invasive. 

Some of the treatments offered include hair prostheses, hair fibers, micrografts, and micro-pigmentation. 

Business Model 

Abelross covers the entire value chain and offers products and services through different brands in three main divisions: centers, products and services. 

Its product line is based on a B2C business model via its own web portals or Amazon. Likewise, it is the entity in charge of distribution to its aesthetic centers (Hair Solution and SAVA, B2B) and the various professionals specialized in the sector. LuxHair is the main brand of the company. 

The centers offer different hair solutions, maintenance, styling, cutting, and counseling services. One of the brands (SAVA) operates under a franchise model, while its premium brand (Hair Solution) is self-managed. 

Finally, its educational line offers specialized training courses in hair prostheses on-site and online (providing the company with great scalability). 

Funds Destination 

The current investment round amounts to €500,000, with a maximum of 125% of this amount to be raised. These funds will primarily finance the opening of new centers (80%), the expansion of the team (12%), and the improvement of the branding of the holding company. 

AIB's growth strategy comprises several stages. The first stage consists of opening its own Hair Solution branded centers in large cities. 


Investor Advantages  

  • An expected significant return on investment in the coming years with a corporate investor or professional investor. 
  • Dividend of 30%. 
  • Access to exclusive promotions for partners. 
  • Bonus access to franchises and own clinics. 

There is a package of advantages for investors depending on their ticket. You can learn more about these advantages in detail in the link

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