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What is Cabaret 42 Producciones?

Established in March 2021, CABARET 42 Producciones was created with the intention of developing a niche production company to produce and co-produce plays, documentaries and audiovisual pieces. To this end, it has a well-defined roadmap that already includes the exploitation of the first acquired works.

The team is our main asset and strength. Given its multidisciplinary nature and their extensive experience in different professional fields, the competencies of the founding partners, with a senior profile, intertwine and complement each other, generating very interesting synergies for the project. In addition, the partners' agreement already reflects the commitment and exclusivity of the members with this production company. It is a much more professional and developed project than other competing companies that operate in a much more artisanal way and do not work with different genres.

Business Model

The initial strategy is based on fattening its portfolio of acquired assets hoping that, beyond being profitable, they will be successful enough to extend the operation of the works for several seasons, when yields increase significantly.

The project of CABARET 42 Producciones focuses on theatrical comedies and biographical documentaries, which will be the common thread of the production company, given the best commercial performance of these genres and the team's extensive experience in them. This represents a clear and decisive commitment to a cultural offer focused on entertainment, which will be aimed at a specific target: an audience over 40 years of age and with a high purchasing and cultural power. The objective is to offer this population group a generational replacement in terms of actors, since the great figures of the theater have been gradually disappearing in recent years and there is a vacuum of which the management team is aware.

Finally, it should be noted that the company has the capacity to receive, select and acquire new pieces, in which they can obtain the assignment of rights free of charge in order to be able to perform several works simultaneously. The concept that will serve as a filter for the selection of future pieces is that of "The five Cs", which must be present in any proposal for it to be of interest and potentially exploited by the company:

  • Curiosity: That it awakens the interest of the spectator by showing something different.
  • Complexity: It must be a well-written story, which captures the viewer's attention.
  • Connection: That the narrative connects with the audience.
  • Clarity: That the story can be understood from different contexts.
  • Cast: The casts will be starring top level artists.

Why Invest?

  • The experience of the team members and their expertise, which allows them to negotiate the acquisition of new assets for the portfolio, should be a competitive advantage that makes it possible to obtain positive returns shortly after launching the company. 
  • The consumption of digital content through large platforms has grown substantially during the pandemic. As a result, and due to the scarcity of product and the increase in demand, niche or author producers have clearly benefited. 
  • As a result of this situation, an interesting market opportunity has arisen in which the door is open to new companies that can enter a sector in an upward trend with a considerable reduction in costs and competition.
  • There is a growing social interest in auteur audiovisual productions, which has led to the interest of different investment vehicles and some large companies, which seek the attractive returns of a sector that may evolve very favorably in the future.


What will the funds be used for?

The round is seeking €120,000 to finance the production of its first play and the production of the commercial material for the biographical documentary of Richy Castellanos. With a pre-money valuation of €300,000, the equity offered on this occasion is 28.57% of the total shares of the company.

Destination of funds:

  • €90,000 to finance the launch of the work "Boeing-Boeing".
  • €30,000 for the first expenses of recording and editing the teaser to market the biographical documentary “Richy Castellanos: El hermano español de Maradona”.

Cabaret 42 aspires to become a reference production company in the national scene, taking advantage of market opportunities to produce plays, documentaries and fiction.

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