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What is Laminar Pharma?

Laminar Pharma, founded in 2006, is a Biotech company committed to the rational design of drugs aiming to develop anti-tumor therapies. The company has born from years of research conducted by Professor Pablo Escribá. His research focuses on cell metabolism and how studying the lipid membranes of the cell walls can produce effects inside them.

These drugs (designed by Laminar Pharma) rely on a powerful molecular biology technology platform called lipid membrane therapy. Laminar Pharma's powerful research team (one of its differentiating factors) has seven patent families under application or concession, covering 15 lead products and dozens of derivatives.

Laminar Pharma is developing different lines of research and has been broadening its spectrum towards neurodegenerative diseases, developing innovative therapies for pathologies that present alterations in the lipid membrane. However, the most advanced molecule is LAM561 for brain glioblastoma, which may also have potential applications in other types of cancer. Currently, the adult glioma market stands at $1.4 billion per year.

Laminar Pharma has achieved encouraging results in treating brain and pancreatic cancer thanks to developing innovative therapies. In this way, Laminar Pharma has developed the first curative therapy for this disease, leaving behind the current palliative treatments. 

The drugs currently under development by Laminar Pharma have proven to be very useful against cancer, neuropathic pain, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, obesity, hypertension or hyperglyceridemia. Moreover, they could potentially have favorable therapeutic effects against infectious diseases such as COVID-19.


Business Model

The Laminar Pharma business plan consists primarily of the application of a licensing and royalty model. This model will charge an initial payment for the assignment of the commercial exploitation rights of the product following the units sold in a model of territorial exclusivity (USA/Europe)

Therefore, the company retains the intellectual property (IP) and, in addition to the upfront payment, would receive a royalty on gross sales, typically 10-20% depending on which clinical phase the negotiation of the product takes place.

As an alternative, the company could opt for a licensing model for some of its products (including the supply of the product). However, Laminar would not charge a royalty in this case but a mark-up on manufacturing costs. For these products, this can be up to 35% of the selling price of the licensee company, which would be equivalent to a 20% royalty on net sales.


Benefits of investing in Laminar

  1. Economic benefits: If the company has a similar trajectory to that of other companies in the sector, which is more than likely given the results that have been published to date, the revaluation of the shares can represent considerable benefits for investors.
  2. Economic benefits: If an investor decides not to sell its shares in the near future, it could receive annual dividends, which could be very relevant if the number of shares is high.
  3. Benefits for patients: Laminar is a biotech company that researches and develops pharmaceuticals to improve the quality of life of the people to be treated (Glioblastoma Brain Cancer, Alzheimer, Neuropathic Pain).
  4. Benefits for Society: Laminar is a Spanish company with a robust R&D component and crucial economic potential. It generates direct jobs and contribution to a biotechnological breeding ground that drags other service companies in the sector with indirect jobs. Therefore, it contributes to a certain extent to improving the business fabric in a sector that needs to develop further to catch up with countries in our socio-economic environment.

Destination of funds

The funding round that Laminar Pharma is presenting amounts to €1,200,000.

These funds will allow continuing to developing drugs (mainly in glioma, given its late stage of development and higher capital needs). Moreover, the funds will also serve to finance the costs of research personnel, legal expenses and the commercialization of products.

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