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Promoción Pozuelo

Investment summary

The Pozuelo Project will involve the purchase of a plot of land for the later construction of two villas.

The construction of these two properties will follow an Opportunistic strategy. In this way, it will be possible to obtain very valuable assets of a renewed aspect, allowing investors to acquire new properties.

This strategy allows obtaining very attractive assets with a renewed aspect, allowing investors to generate low-risk returns after the sale of the assets.

The development plot is in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). The location is one of the project's strengths as it is in one of the areas with the highest per capita income in Spain. For this reason, its prime location will make the marketing of the properties easier.

The surroundings are residential and bordered by green areas, villas, townhouses, and low-rise buildings.

The resulting properties will be approximately 400 square meters per unit. Each property will have a semi-basement, a garden, and a swimming pool.

The Toro de Piedra development team, a highly qualified and versatile group of people with extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate sector, will be in charge of the project's development. Gallardo Llopis Group, a company with over 40 years of experience, will design the architecture of this project. Thanks to these companies, the project will benefit from the added value of such professionals.

This development will require a total investment of €2,420,695. Of this total amount, €610,000 will be raised through Equity Crowdfunding, and €300,000 will be contributed by the developers. Additionally, there will be a loan of €1,211,400 for which the developers have offers from different banks. On the other hand, the early sale of the properties will finance the construction work for an amount of €299,295.

Regarding a more conservative view of the project, the construction work is not expected until the sale of both properties. There are already several interested parties in the properties.

The round amount will finance the construction work to be executed through the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) established for the project development. Investors will enter as shareholders in this SPV, which means that the investors own 100% of the investment vehicle and the asset (the principal collateral for the business).

We must bear in mind the Conservative Scenario on which the business has been modeled, i.e., any possible deviations in costs, terms, or sales prices are more likely to be in favor.


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Business type Investment strategy Real state scoring

Objective Feasibility Report  

Objective Feasibility Report

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Total investment 2.420.695 €
Objective 610.000 €


Total amount deeded in the Capital Increase registered in the Mercantile Registry.

580.504 €
Minimum ticket 1.000 €
Estimated term 28 months
Type of property Real Estate development
Location C/ Juan Pablo ll
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