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Promoción Reconquista

We are finishing the DUE DILLIGENCE, as we have all the documentation checked, and the capital increase convened, the campaign will begin its usual course. Do not miss this opportunity and make your reservation.

Investment summary


Already 8 of the 11 available homes have been reserved, all with deposits. As a result, the risk situation of the project would be as follows: 

Execution risk - Already with license and only execution of work. 

Commercial risk - 77% of total sales reserved for the development (with a return of €15,000 per reservation). 

Financial risk - 93% of the total estimated costs of the project would be covered with the current pre-sales. There should be no problem in obtaining the developer's loan. 

The Reconquista Project entails the acquisition of a building for its demolition to subsequently construct a building of 11 apartments plus a storage room, parking space, and commercial premises. These apartments are in the Ceares neighborhood (Gijón, Asturias), just 700 meters from the San Lorenzo beach. The location lies in a residential area right next to a school, just a few meters from the city center. 

It is a very attractive new business opportunity. It is the first project we are launching in Asturias, in a highly demanded area due to the scarcity of new construction. 

The asset has an area of 1,086.81 sqm to build 11 apartments between 55 sqm and 100 sqm, approximately (depending on the property). These apartments will contain one to four bedrooms, comprising an entrance hall, a hallway, a living/dining room/kitchen, bathroom/s, and a laundry room. The apartments will have ample interiors, large windows, and a private terrace. They will also include a storage room and parking space. 

The commercial premises have an area of approximately 29 sqm. 

The project development and management will be carried out by Asprusa, which specializes in renovations, rehabilitations, and developments of real estate assets. This company has a relevant track record in this business model and has developed many projects in Asturias. 

NOTE: due to the real estate nature of the project, once the company reaches 100% of the objective, the project will conclude (there is no possibility of "overfunding" up to 125%). 


According to the criteria of the CNMV (Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission), two additional scenarios must be included, in addition to the moderate scenario proposed by Fellow Funders for Equity projects, to show potential variations in the business plan.  

The unfavorable scenario contemplates a 10% increase in construction costs and a 10% decrease in the selling price.  

The moderate scenario reflects the costs and returns as proposed by the developer and analyzed by Fellow Funders.  

The favorable scenario considers a 5% increase in construction costs and a 5% increase in the selling price.  


Investment booking

Investment details

Business type Investment strategy Real state scoring

Objective Feasibility Report  

Objective Feasibility Report

This document details the information that has been evaluated and analyzed by Fellow Funders' team of analysts (according to its own financing and scoring models) to determine the feasibility of a company/project.

Total investment 2.400.701 €
Objective 580.000 €
Raised 294.700 €
Minimum ticket 1.000 €
Estimated term 24 months
Type of property Real state development
Location C/ Reconquista 23, Gijón
Investment booking