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What is AURA? 

The AURA company was born in the heart of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in 2015. The company has dedicated itself, during the first four years (2015-2018), to developing a device capable of, through the combination of the analysis of ocular movement and the patient's medical history, providing objective data when giving a diagnosis related to neurodegenerative diseases. This device is called OSCANN Suite. 

After completing the long and costly phase of R&D and clinical studies usual in this sector, AURA is ready to put its service for sale in 2019. This suggests that the current moment is ideal for investing in the company, since they have successfully passed their first phase of R&D and clinical trials, point where most companies new in this sector fail (it is estimated that more than 60% of these companies do not pass the first stage of R&D). 

Since the service is not yet on sale, investors are allowed to become shareholders at a reasonable price. Therefore, they are able to produce expected yields greater than x5. 

What will the new funds be allocated for? 


The €450,000 that the company is going to raise with this round will be allocated for the following items: 

  • 59% of the total will be invested in strengthening the human resources department.  28% of it (€265,500) will be allocated to strengthen the engineering and development staff; 42% to marketing staff and marketing; and the remaining 30% to management and administration staff. 

  • 20% will be allocated for marketing expenses (travel, fairs, material, studies...), which will help to ease the entry of the product in the market. 

  • 16% of the investment will be allocated to finance the operating expenses incurred by the company in carrying out its activity (offices, supplies...). 

  • The remaining 5% will be allocated to invest in devices to be deployed as a precautionary measure if they must be transferred to a deposit in any case. 

Business model 

AURA's business model is a B2B in which they produce and sell their OSCANN Desk technology. They will receive help from external expert consultants in the sector during the commercialization. 

The monetization of the model will take place in two ways: 

€25,000 fee for the acquisition of the OSCANN Desk. This includes installing the device, a training course for medical center employees and the first year's maintenance fee. 

A €60 charge (on average) for each diagnosis performed by the OSCANN Desk (Diagnostic as a Service model). This price changes depending on the diagnoses performed each year. 

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Objective Assessment Report

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