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Zunder (Easy Charger)

What is Easy Charger?

Easy Charger is a company with a clear goal: to build a network of charging stations that allows all electric car drivers to become self-sufficient as easily as gasolin-run cars.

The plan, scheduled between 2018 and 2020, is to deploy 100 fast chargers (50 kW) distributed in 50 stations on the main Spanish national roads and highways in collaboration with Nissan and an oil company. These stations will also have semi-fast chargers (22 kW) and gradually, ultra-fast chargers (175-350 kW). The energy that these chargers will supply is of 100% renewable origin.

Business model

Easy Charger has two business line on the basis of which articulates its business model:

- B2C: based on the supply of electric energy to drivers of 100% electric vehicles through semi-fast (22kW) and fast (50 kW) chargers on the main Spanish national roads and highways. The selling price of the kWh in the semi-fast charging points (22kW) is 20 cents, and in the fast charging points (50 kW) is 30 cents, obtaining an average selling price of the kW of 22 cents. The purchase price of the kW is 11 cents, so they get an average margin of 50%, which they expect to increase in the future. The average price per kW on a competitive fast charger is 45 cents.

-SaaS (B2B): this model will be fully operational in the first half of 2020, after being 100% implemented and tested in its own network of chargers and after carrying out the relevant tests with its first beta customers (Palencia's tender), who will start billing after passing the test and trial phase. This model tries to offer management service points, payment platform, customer service App and Know-How model of payment by use, where the charging station owners only have to worry about making the investment, leaving to Easy Charger the stations management and their chargers. The price of this service is 8 euros per AC charger (semi-quick chargers, direct current) and 12 euros per DC charger (alternating current) in each station plus 5% of the sales produced in each station per month.

-SaaS (B2C): This is the premium version of the App developed by Easy Charger which allows you to start the charging session, manage the charge efficiently and the optimal planning of a trip, as it allows you to know the locations of the Easy Charger stations, booking of chargers, etc. The price is yet to be determined, as it has not yet been marketed, but it is estimated that it will be 6.95 euros per month or 7.95 euros per month.

What are the funds allocated for?

The entire capital raised in this round financing round (500,000 euros) will be allocated to install fast chargers at 50 stations along the main Spanish national roads and highways, in order to solve the current problem of shortage of supply faced by drivers of electric vehicles when undertaking a journey.

This investment will be combined with the public capital they expect to receive from Plan Moves and Plan A+ of the Andalusian Government (2,000,000 euros), thus covering the rest of the necessary investment remaining

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