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Grupo Dihme

What is Dihme? 

Dihme is a restaurant group dedicated to managing its own establishments and franchised restaurants. In the latter, acting as the principal entity. 


They currently have 14 Telepizzas, making them the second largest franchisee of the brand nationwide. This has enabled the company to generate a turnover exceeding €11M, which demonstrates its great capacity for management. 


Business Proposal 

What makes the Dihme Group different in the catering sector is the craft beer. They reached an agreement with the master franchise Molson Coors Beverage Company in 2019, which is the third largest in the world by income. The deals consist of developing a franchise network whose concept focus on the two brands owned by Molson Coors: La Sagra and The Blue Moon. 


The places will be called “La Sagrada Fábrica” and “The Blue Moon Tap House”. The first restaurant was opened 3rd December and three new establishments will be operational by the end of 2019. The aim is to merge restaurant franchises and craft beer, since these two sectors are currently booming in Spain. 


 This new concept makes the company different from its competitors as well as making the craft culture reach many more people throughout the country.  


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