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What is Hovering Solutions?

Hovering Solutions offers 3D scanning and mapping services of subway and interior structures using autonomous flying robots (drones). The company has designed the robots and has a pending patent to protect the navigation and data capture systems.

Hovering's drones provide an excellent mapping tool for subway structures due to their autonomous navigation system that enables them to access and navigate tunnels and pipelines without requiring geolocation systems, lights, radios, or experienced pilots.

The company currently has customers among the crucial companies in the mining, energy, and water distribution industries in Spain and other countries within the European Union. To expand internationally and scale the business, the company is currently developing a user-friendly interface that will allow customers to perform inspections without the need for Hovering technicians.


Business Model

The company's business model is currently based on charging per linear meter of inspection using autonomous flying robots (drones). The inspection data is converted into 3D models and delivered to clients for interpretation. The process per project is detailed below:

  1. Needs are identified for each inspection.
  2. Inspection flight and data capture is performed.
  3. Flight simulation to ensure requirements.
  4. Data is transformed into 3D models in high resolution.

A Hovering technician must be present at each inspection. Once the interface development finishes, the company will build alliances with strategic partners to represent Hovering in other countries, offering services and maintenance to the robots. Thanks to these partnerships, the company will be able to pivot to a monthly subscription model in which each customer will be billed on a pay-as-you-go basis for the use of the robots.


Round Goal

The amount raised in this capital round will go to:

Human Resources: expansion and scalability plans and additional staff for the interface engineering and the commercial department.

CAPEX: instrumentation for device manufacturing and assembly, laboratory equipment, and device testing (optitrack) are required.

Leasing 3D printer: to optimize the manufacturing process, a machine with specific characteristics would be necessary since several components of the devices are manufactured using 3D printing. It is intended to have a machine through leasing.

Manufacturing materials: it is necessary to maintain a stock of components for device manufacturing.

Marketing and Others: marketing and participation in trade fairs to make the company known and gain access to a larger market share.

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