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Promoción en Ibiza

Investment summary

The development project in Ibiza entails the acquisition of a plot of land for constructing 16 luxury apartments, 32 parking spaces, and 16 storage rooms. The asset is based in Ibiza, specifically in the north of the island, in Port de San Miquel. Its location is one of the project's strengths, considering the area's exclusivity. 

The construction of these apartments will be carried out based on an Opportunistic strategy. After the refurbishment, such a strategy will allow the generation of very attractive (and radically different from the existing ones) assets, generating profitability and lower risk for investors after selling the properties. 

It is a very attractive new business opportunity. It is the first project we are launching in the Balearic islands, in a highly demanded area due to the scarcity of new construction. 

The project will be developed and managed by Bizkaiurban, a specialist developer with a proven track record in this business model. 

As part of the business strategy, the investment will rely on two investment rounds. In this first round, the final payment for the land and the first payments associated with the project will be formalized. The second round is expected in the 13th month, once the licenses are obtained and the construction of the homes commences. 

In any case, ROUND 1 investors will receive a premium over ROUND 2 investors for entering the initial phases of the project. ROUND 2 investment will have an estimated issue premium that will depend on four variables: the month of entry into the round, the percentage of pre-sales at that moment, the granting of the building permit, and the bank loan. 

The business has always been modeled based on a Conservative Scenario. Possible deviations in costs, deadlines, or sales prices are more likely to be in favor. 

NOTE: due to the real estate nature of the project, once the company reaches 100% of the objective, the project will conclude (there is no possibility of "overfunding" up to 125%). 

Stock images. They do not refer to the final state of the project. 


According to the criteria of the CNMV (Spanish Securities and Exchange Commission), two additional scenarios must be included, in addition to the moderate scenario proposed by Fellow Funders for Equity projects, to show potential variations in the business plan.   

The unfavorable scenario contemplates a 15% increase in construction costs and a 15% decrease in the selling price.   

The moderate scenario reflects the costs and returns as proposed by the developer and analyzed by Fellow Funders.   

The favorable scenario considers a 5% increase in construction costs and a 5% increase in the selling price.   


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Investment details

Business type Investment strategy Real state scoring

Objective Feasibility Report  

Objective Feasibility Report

This document details the information that has been evaluated and analyzed by Fellow Funders' team of analysts (according to its own financing and scoring models) to determine the feasibility of a company/project.

Total investment 13.663.999 €
Objective 1.000.000 €
Raised 820.474 €
Minimum ticket 1.000 €
Estimated term 36 months
Type of property Real state development
Location Port de Sant Miquel
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