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What is MiniClean?


MiniClean is a product developed by Grupo Siempre Clean S.L., a company that, until 2021, focused on producing hydroalcoholic gels. The product is based on the reformulation of conventional cleaning products by eliminating the water from the formulas and concentrating them to create water-soluble capsules.

The company reformulated and patented the five categories of cleaning products with the highest sales (glass cleaner, anti-limescale, degreaser, multi-purpose, and floor cleaner) and concentrated and encapsulated them in a water-soluble, biodegradable and compostable film. This way, water is eliminated from the formulation (between 90% and 95% of the composition of these products is water).

By introducing one MiniClean capusel into a bottle of water, you can obtain a susteinavle cleaning product and reduce plastics, transport, harmful emissions and the price of the final product.

MiniClean's new formulas underwent technical and commercial validation, complying with all legal requirements for marketing in Spain and the EU. All MiniClean products have been subjected to efficacy studies and Home Test with the Biotecnal laboratory, certifying that most of these products are equal or more effective than the current reference products on the market. MiniCLean started selling its new product in September 2021, accumulating more than €500,000 in nationwide sales in more than 850 selling points such as El Corte Inglés, Carrefour (Hypermarkets), Alcampo, Spar, Supermercados Plaza, E-Leclerc, Supermercados Codi, Gadisa, BonArea, etc. The company counts on a pipeline of signed and ongoing agreements that will grant more than 16,000 selling points.

In order to launch this new line of business, the company invested €1.4 million that aimed at strengthening the company in terms of machinery, advertising and stock, relying on a large production and inventory capacity to undertake the current scaling up.




There are three lines of business in MiniClean's business model, which currently focuses on the domestic market at a national level:

● Domestic market: distribution to large supermarkets and E-commerce to sell the MiniClean product to the end consumer.

● Professional market: sales to cleaning companies or companies with their own cleaning staff. These companies are required to purchase large quantities of products. The professional MiniClean line has been developed for satisfying this line, providing efficient products for the industrial sector and packaging with an increased number of units.

● Third-party manufacturing: as a consequence of the innovative packaging (special machines are required due to the behavior of the water-soluble film), there are currently no suppliers for this service. Therefore, it is also possible to provide packaging services and manufacture private labels for supermarkets or companies.




The current round is planned for €1,200,000. These funds will finance the expansion of national selling points in the domestic market:

1. Advertising and marketing (54%): advertising and marketing outlay are necessary to ensure that the product is sufficiently well known to be adequately rotated by expanding the points of sale.

2. Stock (23%): part of the round will finance the expansion of the safety stock to ensure its growth.

3. Machinery (23%): capital expenditures will be necessary to expand capacity. However, this investment will be on a smaller scale, given that the current machinery already counts on significant capital outlays.


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