Equity Investment


Mondobets S.A. is a multi-device online gaming operator, based in the Autonomous City of Ceuta (which means a 50% discount on the part of the total quota corresponding to the income obtained in Ceuta, according to the article 33 of the Spanish law known as Ley del Impuesto de Sociedades) created in May 2018. 

Mondobets offers a standard online betting house service, together with the most typical services of a traditional casino (Poker, Bingo, Slots Games, Black Jack, etc.), to which must be added, and here lies its differentiation, a Fantasy League (in collaboration with Futmondo), Mondo Tipster and Share your Bet, in addition to a fourth business line that will revolutionize the world of sports betting, and that will be unveil in case the negotiations, which are still in progress, are satisfactory. For now, this activity must be kept in the strictest confidentiality, as it is a totally new and disruptive proposal. If the plan continues as expected, in Q4 2019 this new route will quite possibly be a fact. 

Mondobets has the necessary partners (Sport Radar, Optima MGS, ASENSI Abogados, Net Refer, Bet Radar, Futmondo, Evolution Gaming, MGA and Microgaming Software Systems Lt) to form a betting house of reference in Spain, since they have a wide experience, visibility and specialization, which at the same time constitutes a differentiating element with respect to its competition. 

What are the funds required for? 

The €1,050,000 that they intend to capture in this Financing Round will be used to boost the following items: 

- 200,000€ (19% of the Financing Round) for Offline Advertising: 

  • 65,000€ allocated to sport news advertising. 

  • 25.000€ allocated to billboard advertising. 

  • 25.000€ allocated to bus advertising of the main Spanish cities. 

  • 85.000€ allocated to sponsorship of all the football teams of the Spanish Universities, thanks to an agreement of distribution of material established with Adidas. 

- 600,000€ (57% of the Financing Round) allocated to Online Advertising: 

  • SEO/SEM positioning with the product Fantasy (La Liga Fantasy de Mondobets). 

  • Advertising on Social Media. 

  • Creation of blogs about Fantasy and sports that redirect to the Mondobets website. 

  • Campaigns with Tipster and Forecasters. 

- 100,000€ (9.5% of the Financing Round) allocated to events and advertising actions to build loyalty among users and VIP customers. 

- 150,000€ (14.5% of the Financing Round) allocated to investment in new technological developments. 

Project financed

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Objective Assessment Report  

Objective Assessment Report

This document details the information that has been evaluated and analyzed by Fellow Funders' team of analysts (according to its own valuation and scoring models) to determine the valuation (Fair Value) of a company/project.

Objective 1.050.000 €


Total amount deeded in the Capital Increase registered in the Mercantile Registry.

1.047.432 €
Minimum ticket 324 €
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% Equity
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Project financed