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Mooevo has been one of the winners of the Correos Lehnica Challenge. What is more, it also has signed a collaboration agreement to develop mobility solutions that respond to the current and future needs that Correos has in its different lines of business. Specific solutions are already being defined that will be tested by the Correos staff with the aim of turning Mooevo into a strategic partner of Correos in everything related to mobility solutions.



What is Mooevo?

Mooevo is a globally patented device developed by the company Genius eMobility Systems S.L. The devise minimizes the effort made by people who, for instance, transport people on wheelchairs, products and goods in a final-mile delivery.

The device is attached to a drive platform to the element you want to transport. The attachment is done through bars that act as a link and allow the user to move freely. The driving platform is equipped with batteries and motors of excellent quality. Hence, it is able to easily overcome any obstacle that may be found in its path (slopes, curbs, etc.). Its maximum speed reach 5Km/h (3 mph) in order to respect the regulation that allows it to move it on sidewalks.

The idea was created from a real problem that a family faced every day. One of a couple's children suffered from a disability that forced him to use a wheelchair. Over the years, as the boy grew, and so did his weight, it was increasingly difficult to go out with him. From that experience, they begin to think about possible solutions and finally end up developing the first prototypes, which showed very satisfactory results. From this point on, the idea continued to be developed and finally reached the product that is presented today.



Genius eMobility Systems S.L. have developed three products as a result of this concept:

  • Mooevo Go: focused on people who need help moving people in wheelchairs.
  • Mooevo Cargo: focused on optimizing the physical effort of final-mile delivery workers.
  • Mooevo Pro: focused on helping internal movements of goods in industrial cargo ships used as logistics platforms.


The main reasons why we consider this is a very attractive project are:

  • Unique Mobility System in the Market Protected by an International Patent (PCT)
  • Business model B2C and B2B. That is to say, it targets individuals, companies and corporations
  • 3 differentiated systems marketed targeted at a specific target customer: Mooevo Go, Mooevo Cargo and Mooevo Pro. More systems are planned for electric personal mobility
  • High business scalability as the products are sold through a full digital platform. Hence, allowing higher margins
  • Highly qualified management team with management and international experience in the mobility and entrepreneurship sector (with a clear exit).
  • Target market: people with reduced mobility (Mooevo Go), logistics companies "finale mile" (Mooevo Cargo) and companies with large ships (Mooevo Pro).
  • There is no direct competition or real alternatives to the service offered by the systems marketed by Mooevo.
  • In the current situation, it is worth mentioning the important social component. So that, to help amid the COVID-19 crisis, Mooevo devices have been used in the hospital at Ifema to move patients within the facilities.
  • Signed agreement (currently confidential) with one of the most powerful mail and distribution companies in Spain to solve the "final mile" distribution problem.
  • Mooevo is a pioneer in the creation of a new category of products, aimed at promoting social inclusion and sustainability of the logistics sector
  • Most Likely Exit: acquisition by a large mobility company or fund to use its patent and high scalability of the proposed business model.


Project current situation

Currently, the company is ready to market its product Mooevo Go and has already has closed an agreement with one of the most important distribution and logistics companies in Spain.

During the coronavirus crisis Mooevo has deployed ten Mooevo units to the hospital at IFEMA (Madrid) to help decongestion the health system. It demonstrated the real usefulness that their devices can generate and attracted much interest from the healthcare sector.

At the same time, the company is closing agreements with large entities and foundations, with which they will begin working once this crisis is over.


Mooevo is committed to a REAL commitment and in line with that, several Mooevo Go have been donated to the hospital at IFEMA in Madrid, to help in the fight against the health crisis caused by COVID19.

Mooevo meets two needs: one with a wide social impact, extending the boundaries and horizons of many people and ending their mobility problems (such as the effort to move the wheelchair, the long distances, getting up curbs and slopes, etc.). Mooevo creates a whole new world of possibilities, door to door, people with disabilities or dependents and their families or caregivers.

The second need it meets concerns the logistics and distribution sector, especially in the “final mile” delivery, with an efficient sustainable and economical transport system. Mobility changes and so do solutions.


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