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Neurofix is a Biotech company dedicated to the research of effective drugs against neuropathic pain, currently, there is no effective reference treatment for this type of ailments. In addition to its main line, Neurofix also works in the research of drugs against spinal cord injuries and improvement of sleep. Neurofix is carrying out the pharmaceutical development of NFX88, a drug with a novel mechanism of action for the treatment of neuropathic pain associated with spinal cord injury (first-in-class) that aims to be the most effective for the control of this disease (best -in-class).

Currently, the company has its first drug: NFX88 in phase 2a, which is being studied in patients for the tolerability, safety and efficacy of the drug for the treatment of neuropathic pain associated with spinal cord injury. Likewise, the second drug in the pipeline is in phase 1 and is NFX81, which also focuses on spinal cord injuries.

The company's commercial strategy is based on obtaining orphan drug status, as well as standard-of-care or reference treatment status. To this end, the company carries out its clinical trials together with the drugs currently used against this ailment, such as Pregabalin, a neurotransmitter inhibitor. 




Neurofix's business plan mainly contemplates the application of a licensing and royalty model whereby an initial payment will be charged for the assignment of the commercial exploitation rights of the product based on the units sold in a model of exclusivity by territory. 

In this way the company retains the intellectual property (IP) and, in addition to the upfront payment, would receive a royalty on gross sales which normally ranges between 10% and 30%. 

Alternatively, if the company's situation allows, a licensing model, including the supply of the product, could be considered. In this case, Neurofix would not charge a royalty but a mark-up on manufacturing costs, which for this type of product can be up to 35% of the sales price of the licensee company, equivalent to a 20% royalty on sales. 




The financing round proposed by Neurofix at this moment is up to a maximum of 1.125.000€, being the initial size of the round 900.000€.

These funds will be used primarily for the completion of phase IIa and the beginning of phase IIb for the NFX88 product.

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