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Simply Solar, a spin-off of Praxia Energy Group, is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of photovoltaic structures for solar parking lots and telecommunications antennas, in addition to ground and rooftop solutions.

Praxia Energy, the parent company, was founded in 2006 and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of structural systems for solar photovoltaic plants. Since its creation, the company has designed and built mounting structures in 28 countries, mainly for ground, and has worked on projects with an output of more than 1,000MW, which gives it a great technical and industrial experience. Moreover, Praxia Energy is an active member of two associations that specialize in photovoltaic energy in Spain: UNEF (Unión Española Fotovoltaica) and APPA (Asociación de Empresa de Energías Renovables).



The activity of Simply Solar is mainly defined by the manufacturing of photovoltaic solutions for:

- Photovoltaic Parking Infrastructures (PV Carports):

These are parking lots with integrated panels that are characterized by the utilization of the roofs for power generation. Simply Solar will be in charge of the design and manufacture of the infrastructure that will incorporate the solar panels for the energy supply for the PV Carports.

The company is currently finalizing the details of its charging station for electric cars and self-consumption. This station will store the energy generated in the entire infrastructure either in batteries or supplied directly to the parked vehicle.

- Telecommunications Antennas:

Simply Solar will be responsible for manufacturing the infrastructures. The goal is to provide telecommunications companies with coverage and electricity supply in order to power the station for 24 hours without the need for generators. This will mean great savings for these companies.



Simply solar's business model is a B2B, which monetizes per project delivered. In other words, when the company receives an order, an analysis of the client's needs and technical specifications and a complete study and design of the project is carried out. Since the amount of the contracts will vary according to the size of the project and the client's needs, it is not possible to establish an approximate average range.

In turn, to promote electric mobility, Simply Solar is developing its B2C model. This model is based on a photovoltaic charging station with storage for electric vehicle recharging and self-consumption. However, the company is not including this new line in its business plan because it is still finalizing the details. For this reason, the main monetization would correspond to its B2B line.



The current round amounts to a total of €300,000. The equity offered, with a pre-money valuation of €3 M, is 9.09%, of the total post-money shares of the company.

Destination of the funds:

- Improvement and upgrade of machinery and production plant. (37,5%)

- Promotion and marketing of the new loading station (37.5%).

- Investment in Research and Development. (25%)

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