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​​​​What is Wygers?

Wygers is an eSport club founded in Madrid in November 2019 dedicated to the creation, development, management and operation of activities related to eSports and gaming.

Wygers is not to be understood as a management company in the sports plan strictly speaking, but as a company within the entertainment sector, which makes eSports and gaming the main lever around which to organize the business model development by the club.

Wygers is currently involved in the following eSports forms:

  • Fortnite.
  • Apex Legends.
  • CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive).
  • Clash Royale.
  • Rainbow Six.


Business Model

 Wygers has 6 ways of monetization around which it articulates its Business Model:

  • Sponsorship (B2B): club sponsors.
  • Merchandising (B2C): based on the sale of different club products (T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, scarves, key rings, peripherals, etc) online, through the club's website, and in person in different shops or on stands at events.
  • Talent & Academies (B2B - B2C): based on attracting, generating and exploiting talent within the organisation:
    • Attracting new players and staff: based on the search for new incorporations that add value to the company, both on a training and professional level.
    • Management and revaluation of assets: the value of the players does not depend on their technical level, but takes on their scope and impact.
    • Academies: training of players at both amateur and professional levels. This line of business brings with it 3 ways of monetization: Sale of players (B2B), transfer of players (B2B) and training of players (B2C).
  •  Broadcasting & Streaming (B2B - B2C): This is the income derived from the entertainment content generated as a result of the club's activity, the competition in different modalities of eSports. in addition to content generated exclusively for entertainment (tests to players, challenges, events, etc.).
  • Events (B2C): events organized by the club that, in addition to being an additional source of income, are a way to interact amongst fans and supporters with their idols.
  • Competition & Price Pools (B2B): these are economic prizes received for winning or achieving a relevant position in the different competitions in which they participate.

It is important noting that in the future, a new business line based on Big Data will appear, since Wygers, since the beginning of the activity has conveived and will focus part of its efforts and resources on the elaboration of a database with categorized and segmented information, in order to market it to third parties in the long term (the information will be anonymized and will comply with data protection laws).


What are the funds needed for?

Wygers will allocate €500.000 for capital increase for the following items:

  • 15% for marketing and communication.
  • 60% for financing working capital, in order to guarantee the salaries of the staff and the players, and therefore their continuity until 2021.
  • 20% allocated to cover the increase in expenses originated by the purchase of LATAM equipment.
  • 5% will be left as a remainder to meet the needs that may arise in the day to day of the company.

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