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What is Wygers?

Wygers is an esports club founded in November 2019 that is dedicated to the creation, development, management and operation of teams and all kinds of activities related to esports and gaming. Additionally, they have pioneered the provision of corporate gaming services such as the creation of internal leagues in companies or the provision of all outsourcing services for the creation of esports clubs for traditional sports clubs.

Wygers, therefore, is not a strictly sports management company, but a company framed in the entertainment sector. Thus, it makes eSports and gaming the gravitational centre around which the entire company’s ecosystem revolves.

Wygers is currently participating in the following esports modalities:

  • Valorant
  • Fortnite
  • FIFA
  • CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive)
  • Fighting Games
  • PUBG


Business Model

Wygers has 8 monetisation channels around its Business Model:

  1. Sponsorships (B2B): club sponsors.
  2. Corporate Gaming (B2B): provision of gaming services, development of internal leagues and creation of the esport ecosystem.
  3. Outsourcing (B2B): provision of esports team building services.
  4. Merchandising (B2C): it is based on the sale of different club products online, through the club's website, and on-site in different shops or at stands at events. These products we are talking about are t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, scarves, key rings, peripherals, etc.
  5. Talent & Academies (B2B – B2C): it is based on attracting, generating and exploiting talent within the organisation:
    • Recruitment of new players and staff: based on the search for new incorporations that add value to the company, both in terms of training and at a professional level.
    • Asset management and revaluation: the value of players does not depend on their technical level, but takes into account their scope and impact.
    • Academies: training at both amateur and professional level. This line of business brings with it 3 monetisation channels: player sales (B2B), player transfers (B2B) and player training (B2C).
  6. Broadcasting & Streaming (B2B – B2C): this is revenue derived from entertainment content generated as a result of the club's activity, competition in different forms of esports. In addition to content generated exclusively for entertainment (player testing, challenges, events, etc.).
  7. Events (B2C): events that are organised by the club which (in addition to providing an extra source of revenue) is a way for fans and supporters to interact with their idols in person.
  8. Competition & Price Pools (B2B): These are financial prizes for winning or achieving a relevant position in the different competitions.

What are the funds needed for?

Wygers will allocate the €300,000 of this capital increase to the following items:

  • 75% of the funds will be used to cover the operational costs of developing the two new business lines: corporate gaming and outsourcing.
  • 20% of the funds will be invested in the purchase of licences for new competitions.
  • The remaining 5% will be used to maintain cash liquidity.
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