SECURITY. We care about you

As is well known, investing in seed phase projects is high risk and therefore, we require diligence, honesty and transparency from all entrepreneurs on the platform. Every investor who invests in start-ups is willing to take risks, but none wants to see the project fail due to malpractice.

Fellow Funders is concerned about your peace of mind, and we want to offer you full transparency throughout the processes, so for all projects published on the platform, they have a legal standard behind them that will help you understand in advance all the legal and legislative minimums that the projects meet just to be part of Fellow Funders.

Of course, our standard is expandable, and each project/company is a case study. Therefore, all extra points that each project has will be reported in the project's information sections. Conversely, if any of the projects do not comply with the standard, this will be reported in the project itself

Many years’ experience in the capital markets means we are prepared for any eventuality and if we add the great firm of lawyers who are experts in SME s and start-ups to this, our standard cannot be outdone.

Always remember that investments carry risks, and these standards do not guarantee your investment, but they will help you protect your rights if malpractice occurs.

A. Personal guarantees

This establishes that the reference partners and/or project administrators personally guarantee the following points:


Verification that all the information provided is authentic and complete.


The money obtained is solely for the project.


An external audit of the accounts, which will then be passed to all partners by email along with the results.


Exclusivity for the project for a minimum period of 12 months.


No competition for a term never less than 24 months.


Fixed salaries for the next three years.


Declaration of reputation and non-disqualification.


Compliance with the Partners Agreement, as part of it

B. Partners Agreement/Articles of Association

The Partners Agreement covers three large groups: transfer of shares and shareholdings; management bodies; and a group that are other agreements. In this way, your investment will be protected from desultory acts and the company will have enough breathing room to grow and develop, and thus be able to make profits.

Remember that this Partners Agreement is the minimum base that you will find in the investments of the Fellow Funders platform. Each case is studied very carefully and putting more clauses in advance could limit the growth of some projects and that would go against the possible benefits to investors, which is just what we don't want. For each project, clauses that have been added will be reported on.

C. Escrow Account

Escrow, or custodian account, is a legal agreement by which an investor and an entrepreneur use a neutral third party, called an Escrow Agent, to retain funds during the period in which the agreement is concluded or carried out by both parties. During the process, nobody can access the funds and they will only be transferred to the entrepreneur when the process has been successfully completed. If the Equity Crowdfunding s unsuccessful for any reason, any amounts will be refunded in full without any cost.