How it works. I'm an investor

Are you looking to obtain returns based on the risks assumed? Are you looking to invest in real and tangible projects? Do you want to contribute to the sustainable development of the industrial SMEs fabric of your community?

If so, you have come to the right place. Through Fellow Funders you can invest in attractive projects from all sectors of our country in a transparent, secure and reliable environment.


Fellow Funders wants to be close to you throughout the entire investment process and we have created some simple and brief steps for this. You only have to think about what projects you want to invest in.
You can register at the following link Register if you have not yet done so. Remember that to complete your registration you must attach a copy of your DNI.
All projects published by Fellow Funders meet maximum risk requirements, i.e., we do not publish projects that score under 65 points.
You also have access to all the information of all the projects and, if you want, you can also acquire the objective assessment report in which all the project’s key aspects are broken down and the pros and cons assessed.
If the project fits with what you are looking for and you have any doubts, do not keep them to yourself. Access the investment room and share your doubts with other investors or even with the entrepreneurial team to resolve all your concerns before making the investment. Fellow Funders cares that you take decisions with the utmost confidence. Remember that investments in start-upsSMEs has a medium-term horizon.
Find the projects you like best, from sectors you know if possible, and whose risks are consistent with your profile. Before investing, in each project you will also see whether or not tax incentives. apply. Always bear in mind the importance of diversifying your investments. If we add everything together, we will find ourselves with a risk-controlled portfolio and very high potential absolute returns, not to mention contributing to the development of the industrial fabric of our country. What are you waiting for? Start to build your portfolio.
So you don’t have to worry about anything, Fellow Funders will put the results, dividends, and any relevant information of your investments in your private area for at least one year. With this, you can know how your investments perform over time and contact the entrepreneur at all times.

Why Fellow Funders?

There are many different reasons to use Fellow Funders as your investment financing platform, but we will summarise then in ten points.

The power of the network is no longer just to communicate, shop, find work, study, etc., you can also now invest.

Platform Authorised by the CNMV.

Invest in projects that have passed comprehensive risk filters set by the best professionals.

Get access to projects with potential at any of the phases.

Choose the sectors in which you want to invest.

Know all the risks of the companies in which you invest.

Build a diversified investment portfolio..

Your data will always be protected with stringent security standards.

Actively contribute to building a sustainable SMEs fabric on Spain.

Track your investments from home, or wherever.


The fees that investors pay to Fellow Funders are easy to summarise:

NO fees for investing in the projects.
NO fees to access the Investment Room.
NO fees to formalise the investment.


Remember that investments carry risk, and as much as the Fellow Funders team assesses and analyses all proposals with the utmost diligence, this does not guarantee that you will recover your investment. In the worst case scenario, you may even lose all your money. The best way to limit these risks is through a diversified investment portfolio and by seeking independent advice.

Diversified portfolio

As mentioned on several occasions, the best way to reduce the market risks to which one is exposed when making an investment is through diversification, and the best way to do so is to build an investment portfolio.
Remember, it is safer in terms of diversification to invest 5,000 euros in five projects rather than in one.

Regulation on investors

Under European Regulation 2017/1129 and Directive 2019/1937 on providers of equity finance services for companies, we outline the following typology of investors and investment conditions:

1) Investors

Any individual or legal entity who has correctly provided their data during the registration process, and once these have been validated by our payment provider (Lemonway) under the KYC protocol (

There is NO economic investment limit of any kind. However, it will be ESSENTIAL for them to understand all the RISKS faced at the time of making each investment, as well as to know their capacity to face losses through the Risk Simulator available in their Private Area.

2) Sophisticated Investors

Any individual or legal entity with extensive experience operating in financial markets, or possessing a high net worth/income, who has correctly provided their data during the registration process, and once these have been validated by our payment provider (Lemonway), under the KYC protocol (

Application for treatment as a Sophisticated Investor is required within your Private Area.

There is NO economic investment limit of any kind.

Indivduals must meet two of the following requirements to be a Sophisticated Investor:

  • To have gross income above 60.000 euro or a portfolio of financial instruments above 100.000 euro.
  • To hold a professional position within the financial sector.
  • To have carried out more than ten transactions in financial markets in the last 12 months.

Legal Entities must meet at least one of the following requirements to be a Sophisticated Investor:

  • To have Equity of at least 100.000 euro.
  • To have a net turnover of at least 2.000.000 euro.
  • To have a balance sheet of at least 1.000.000 euro.