Procedures for submitting suggestions, complaints and claims

Should any customers or anyone who has received a service from Fellow Funders consider that they have suffered treatment that is negligent, incorrect or not in keeping with the Law, they will have the right to have their suggestions, complaints and claims addressed and resolved for free within two months.

The procedure may be initiated by submitting suggestions, complaints and/or claims in writing or through this form.

Form for suggestions, complaints and/or claims


The procedure may also be initiated by a duly accredited submission, on paper, to the registered office or by the following electronic means: filling in a form via the website or sending the aforementioned letter by email to or, where appropriate,, provided they allow, in any case, the suggestion, complaint or claim and the documents that may accompany them to be read, printed and retained.

For a complaint or claim, the customer must state:

(a) name and surname (or company name) and address of the customer and, where appropriate, their representative, and the accreditation of said representation; and the DNI, passport or NIE or the data from the corresponding public registry;

(b) reason for the complaint or claim, clearly specifying the issues on which a dictum is requested;

(c) office, department or service that gave rise to the occurrence of the complaint or claim;

(d) that the customer is not aware that the subject matter of the complaint or claim is being substantiated through an administrative, arbitration or judicial proceeding;

(e) place, date and signature.

Together with this document, the customer must provide the documentary evidence that is in their possession and on which their complaint or claim is based.

Once the complaint or claim is received, it will be sent to the Customer Service Department, which will immediately send proof of submission with a complaint number to the customer or, if applicable, the assigned claim.

The case will then be studied by the Customer Service Department, who must collect all information related to the complaint and claim and may request more information or clarification from the customer submitting the complaint and/or claim (in which case, the period referred to in the next paragraph will be suspended until receipt of the requested information or clarifications).

The Customer Service Department must resolve the complaint or claim within two months of its receipt through a reasoned resolution that must contain clear and precise conclusions about the complaint or claim raised.

The resolution must expressly include the options for the customer should they disagree with the resolution, the courts of justice or, where appropriate, administrative authorities.

If the resolution is favourable to the customer, Fellow Funders will process the resolution in favour of the customer in the shortest possible time.

The resolution will be communicated to the customer within 10 days of its being adopted using the same means by which it was submitted, unless the customer indicates otherwise, in a manner that allows the customer to accredit the response received from the PFP.

All complaints and claims procedures will be held in full and will be available to the competent authorities