We accompany you throughout your process

When starting to invest in this type of business you may become very lost and even though we have been in this activity for many years there are always complicated times. Fellow Funders is aware of this so we make a manager available to help you as well as the dealing room and all the information on your investment history in your Private Area.
Fellow Funders is not limited to being a professional Equity Crowdfunding platform to access the alternative investment market, we want to be there with you throughout the whole process, helping you to build a diversified alternative investment portfolio without any type of limitation or dependence.

On our platform you will be able to track your investments, have a communications channel with the companies you have invested in, a personalised manager, and an academy where you can find information that will help you become an expert in the field.

Remember that the key to success in any investment portfolio is diversification.

1. Tracking your Investments

With Fellow Funders you can follow and track all the investments you have made on the platform, as well as download the project's initial documents, partners agreement, capital increase, etc.

So that you are always up to date, we will notify you every time updated documentation on the projects is published. You will therefore be constantly informed of the status of your investments.

2. Communication channels

To make everything easier for you, in your private area you can access the results of companies you have invested in, dividends paid, balance sheets or any relevant information. As well as being able to contract the partners and entrepreneurs.

3. Personalised manager

To give you full security in all processes, we assign a personal manager to you when you make your first investment. So you can always ask someone your questions. If you have not yet made an investment and have any questions, call us or send an email to inversores@fellowfunders.es and a manager will contact you.

4. Training

Last but not least, we are creating an academy based on all the doubts or queries we have been asked with manuals and practical advice for both choosing and managing an alternative investment portfolio.