TRANSPARENCY. All the information at your fingertips

Fellow Funders helps you in your decision making, we help you to value and assess start-ups. We show you the risks from different angles but the ultimate decision is yours as an investor. We are transparent and therefore we publish all the project’s documentation in an accessible manner and we enable a dealing room for each project. This means you can contact the entrepreneurial team and the other investors and resolve all your doubts.

Fellow Funders not only offers you a selection of quality projects to invest in, but we do so with maximum security and transparency. So you always have as much information as possible, we provide you with the following four resources:

1. All project documents accessible

Within each Project you will have all the documents accessible, so you can consult and analyse them. Moreover, we advise that you read and analyse these documents before making any investment so you can form a complete opinion and understand well what risks you take on. If you still have doubts, before investing remember that you have the Dealing Room and the Assessment Report available.

2. Dealing room

Investing is very serious, and Fellow Funders knows this well. We have created a dealing room for you where you can ask any questions of both entrepreneurs and other investors. This way you can clarify all your concerns before making your investment.

3. Assessment Report

We know that time is a precious resource. This is why we have created an Assessment Report for each project in which we detail all the relevant aspects. We summarise the entire project, with its benefits and risks, so that you are aware of the company in which you have the opportunity to invest. The other reason we create this report is so that you can decide whether the project fits your nvestment portfolio,, y si cumple con las expectativas que estabas buscando. Así, podrás construir la cartera diversificada que estabas buscando.

4. Quality marks

We don’t like wasting your time. To support you in creating your alternative investment portfolio, we have designed some identification marks that appear on the project's cover page. That way you will always know which projects have our stamps, without needing to look one by one.

FF Project Mark

All published projects have a scrore greater than 65 (out of 100), but Fellow Funders wants to make the investment process much easier. Whenever you see this mark on a project, it means that Fellow Funders or some of its employees have invested in the project.

Project with tax incentives mark

So that investors do not waste time checking to see if a project has tax incentives, if it has them, you will see this mark on the cover page. This will be much simpler.

Information guaranteed for 3/5 year mark

Information and tracking is important for us investors. Therefore, if the promoter commits to publish all the results as well as relevant facts for three or five years on Fellow Funders, we will show this with this stamp. We remind you that all projects have information guaranteed for the first year.

Risk Report free for investors

Fellow Funders takes transparency and quality very seriously. Therefore, for each project we carry out an Objective Assessment Report which, if the promoter so wishes, can be made available to all investors. There is no better test of transparency towards an investor than showing your simplified DUE DILIGENCE.